Welcome to Wehodl, a place for investors to get maximum gains from their crypto investments.

As our name suggests, we HODL — together with our customers — Bitcoin investment for some time and later resell it an optimal profit. Our latest Machine Learning (ML) algorithm and Big Data performs real-time analytics to ensure you get the most profits when the Bitcoin's price hits its peak.

Our vision is simple: to open up the global crypto investments for everyone, everywhere.

Crypto investments should be transparent and straightforward. We're continuously innovating, reinventing, and disrupting the financial services sector to open it up for any investor to invest in Bitcoins for a profit.

At Wehodl, we believe the future of Finance is Decentralized. And Blockchain holds the key to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We've seen how Blockchain has disrupted government structures, economic systems, industrial sectors, and commercial processes. In DeFi, Blockchain can help bring about transparency, verifiability, and immutability that's currently lacking.

Furthermore, Blockchain can bring about security and resilience in DeFi, ensuring an individual's privacy while guaranteeing autonomy, and encouraging trust among investors. Wehodl launched in 2019 out of these realizations. Wehodl was formed by an enthusiastic team of tech entrepreneurs with decades of experience in stock trading and cryptocurrency mining.

We realized that many investors, especially those with minimal experience and technical knowledge of Blockchain, were missing out on crypto investments. Our platform has been built from ground-up to allow any investor to buy Bitcoins at a relatively low price and sell them when their prices peak.

Our Values


At Wehodl, we believe that the crypto investors should have a seamless platform. Many platforms out there don't understand the barriers that investors, especially those with minimal experience, usually face. Wehodl is simple to use—for both newbies and experienced investors.


Our investment algorithm is open and transparent: Buy Bitcoins at the 24-hour lowest price, HODL it, and later resell it for a profit.


We are continually innovating with you in mind. We intend to disrupt the Fintech industry by harnessing the latest Machine Learning algorithms and Big Data into the crypto investment experience. We are and will always be disruptors in DeFi space.


Our processes are meticulously thought-out—from the moment you get exposed to our platform to the time you earn your profits. We ensure that you feel the attention you crave—even the minutest of the details.

What is Wehodl?

Put simply; we are an automated Bitcoin investment platform. We apply the latest ML algorithms and Big data to help customers buy Bitcoins at the best long-term average price. We, in turn, sell the same Bitcoin at a higher price that surpasses a certain percentage of capital gain. By HODLing the Bitcoins and selling them at higher prices, we ensure your investment achieves its bottom line.

To ensure transparency in profit computations, we leverage the power of smart contracts. Our smart contract runs on Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-20 token. This contract, coupled with an ML-based algorithm, guarantees that your investments are not only immutable but also secure.

We truly understand the various pain points of crypto investments, such as price volatility. Our ML-based algorithm analyzes market trends in real-time. In this regard, Wehodl cuts through the noise in the crypto markets to help minimize risk factors. You don't need any experience — Wehodl is for everyone, everywhere.

Here's how our platform works:

  • Every day, the ML-based algorithm runs through various data sources to determine the best case average long-term Bitcoin price.
  • If the Bitcoin price is higher than a certain percentage of capital gain, the platform automatically buys the Bitcoin on behalf of the client.
  • When the investment hits the 75% threshold above capital gain, the algorithm automatically takes profits.

What makes WEHODL unique

Our philosophy is simplicity. We want any user, anywhere within the globe to invest in Bitcoins and earn profits. Our platform is unique in the following sense:

Our platform is

Blockchain is transparent, secure, and auditable technology. Our smart contract ensures that your investments are not only foolproof but also transparent. As an investor, you can audit the platform for all the transactions that have ever occurred at Wehodl's back-end.

Wehodl has an integrated wallet that's completely decentralized. As such, you can invest in knowing that your funds are safe and auditable. Being decentralized also means that you have full control of your private keys.

Cutting-edge investment algorithm

Wehodl's investment algorithm is the engine behind the platform. It uses the latest ML algorithms coupled with Big Data to analyze market trends in real-time. As a crypto investor, you get useful insights that can help you make informed decisions.

Easy to use

We understand the barriers that investors face in the crypto markets. That's why our platform is simple to use—for both newbies and experienced investors.


Fun Fact: If you bought 50 USD worth of Bitcoin every month and started five years ago, your Bitcoin would be worth 10712 USD.


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